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Few weeks ago, I just a kindle touch and I instantly fall in love with this uni-task device. It lets me to focus just on reading and nothing else. Of course, there are some drawbacks in it but it would have to wait for later post.

Recently, I found a neat trick on how to push article news to the kindle. The use case is very similar to instapaper or read it later service. I find an article I am interested to read but I want to read it later. Previously, I saved it to instapaper and would read it later on my android phone. But now, I can do the same but push it to my kindle instead (with some wifi magic).

The steps are actually quite simple:

  1. Register your kindle so you can subscribe to Personal Document Settings in Amazon Kindle and get your kindle-email account.
  2. Add one of your email address in the Approved Personal Document E-mail List.
  3. Install chrome extension Send to Kindle.
  4. Configure the extension with your kindle-email account and the email address you enter from step 2. I used gmail so the extension can immediately tap on it.
  5. Done, well almost. Just remember after you push the webpage to your kindle, turn on your kindle wireless. Your article should arrive in less than 5 minutes.

Interestingly, I have instapaper extension instaleld in my chrome. So, actually I want to push to instapaper and instapaper push to chrome. So, I can still read the webpage via instapaper. However, instapaper push-to-kindle is actually done in regular interval. It’s just not fast enough. Since, I have decided kindle is my main reading device, bye-bye instapaper.


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