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I have watched many Japanese dramas and Japanese movies. I have always enjoyed most of Japanese dramas but not the movies. The dramas are always tight and compact with good pacing while the movies are more long-winded and draggy. The drama’s length is constrained by the TV slot while the movie does not have such constraints.

The time slot constraint forced the producer and director to focus on the necessary (provided there is sufficient contents). In drama, the fats are trimmed and the focus is tight. The same could not be said on the movies. Without the length’s constraint, the movie tends to be bloated and draggy. Take example the Rurouni Kenshin live-action movie with 134 minutes long. The movie is nice but it’s draggy. I fast forwarded few parts and I didn’t miss anything important. If the movie was to be shorter, it will be focused and nicely paced. I compared this with the a J-drama that I am watching, Doctor X. It’s a drama that I won’t fast-forward.

While I was showering (the time when many of great ideas are born) , it just reminded me on articles I read before that constraint is really a necessary for creativity. Studies have proven so many times but even our experience would show that it is truly the case. If we want to get creative, we need to have constraints.


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