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It’s a brand new year. I am not the one who believes in new year resolution. Researches prove that new year resolutions don’t work. But, I do believe on starting and keeping good habits.

Following up from AoM link. I am starting this journaling habit.

Day 1: Start with answering the question of why you want to journal, and beyond that, why you decided to embark on this 31-day experience. Write out what you’d like to get from journaling.

The reason why I want to start a journal is to write down things on my mind. Along the way, I have few things in mind and I though it would be good to write it down. But I never did. Blame it on procrastination.

By starting a journal, I want to record these down. Not for anyone else but for myself.

Along the way, maybe my writings would improve as well.

This journaling habit also acts as kickstart to nurture and cultivate good habit by persisting and creating good habit.


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