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It’s a pity that there aren’t many mention on the Basic Bread course from at-sunrice Global Chef Academy. Initially I had doubt whether the course would be useful or not. But after spending 4 day x 6 hours, I can truly recommend this to anyone who is interested in baking bread. The chef explained the concept in simple terms and took patience to answer silly questions from the aunties.

The only complain is that the content of the course actually covers more stuff than just basic bread. He took the basic recipe and made it as the basic building block and spiced it up to make it more interesting. So, it’s plenty of contents to digest in such a short course.

In first day, we had one hour classroom session to learn the theory of making bread. Afterwards, we proceed to make Dinner Roll which he spiced it up by putting in fillings to the dinner roll. We also prepared the dough for Baguette Viennoise for the next day. He also shared his personal traditional baguette recipe.

The second day was the most packed session. We baked the Baguette Viennoise, made Country Bread (which he spiced up with garlic butter), Challah Bread and various kinds of Rye Bread. We had overdose of bread on that day. But it’s fun to see that from normal rye bread, we can make various kinds of bread depends on the shaping and fillings lemonade, raisins and walnuts.

The third day was less packed. We only made Focaccia, English muffin, Toast Bread and whole wheat bread.

The fourth day was just assessment day where we had to make Challah bread on our own (apart from they mixed the dough for us) and a written assessment.

After the course, I knew i had to get a mixer to start Gunadi Bakery.


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