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It’s a pity that there aren’t many mention on the Basic Bread course from at-sunrice Global Chef Academy. Initially I had doubt whether the course would be useful or not. But after spending 4 day x 6 hours, I can truly recommend this to anyone who is interested in baking bread. The chef explained the concept in simple terms and took patience to answer silly questions from the aunties.

The only complain is that the content of the course actually covers more stuff than just basic bread. He took the basic recipe and made it as the basic building block and spiced it up to make it more interesting. So, it’s plenty of contents to digest in such a short course.

In first day, we had one hour classroom session to learn the theory of making bread. Afterwards, we proceed to make Dinner Roll which he spiced it up by putting in fillings to the dinner roll. We also prepared the dough for Baguette Viennoise for the next day. He also shared his personal traditional baguette recipe.

The second day was the most packed session. We baked the Baguette Viennoise, made Country Bread (which he spiced up with garlic butter), Challah Bread and various kinds of Rye Bread. We had overdose of bread on that day. But it’s fun to see that from normal rye bread, we can make various kinds of bread depends on the shaping and fillings lemonade, raisins and walnuts.

The third day was less packed. We only made Focaccia, English muffin, Toast Bread and whole wheat bread.

The fourth day was just assessment day where we had to make Challah bread on our own (apart from they mixed the dough for us) and a written assessment.

After the course, I knew i had to get a mixer to start Gunadi Bakery.


Few weeks ago, my wife and I celebrated Chinese New Year in Singapore. In Singapore, Chinese New Year can be a challenging affair. For people like us who don’t have relatives in Singapore, Chinese New Year is a challenging period where we have to prepare food for ourselves or be happy with fast-food joints for at least 3 days. You see, during this period, the whole city is like a ghost town. Shopping malls, restaurants, and food courts are closed. Most of the supermarkets are closed and the ones that open do not carry fresh ingredients, if they haven’t sold out.

To prepare for the city shutdown, we did some stock up few days before. It’s not a good idea to stock up 1-2 days before the new year as the only ingredients remaining are the left-overs and usually in bad quality.

For this period, I have planned few dishes for the menu. Steamed fish is a must-have dish for new year. Because in Chinese, fish symbolizes the hope that the coming year would be more than this year. For the steamed-fish, my wife bought sea-bass fish. Unfortunately, she forgot to ask the staff to clean the scale and the fish innards. So, I had to clean the scales with paring knife. After cleaning the fish, the next challenge is to clean the innards. I tried to open up the belly and pull out the innards. But, I still couldn’t do it right. Luckily, there’s youtube. How the world was before youtube, gosh …

Steamed Fish

Steaming  the fish is actually a simple affair. Plenty of recipes in the internet. The key is to throw away all the aromatics (gingers/scallion) and any liquid after steaming and replace with new aromatics. This time I pour hot-oil to fish and it does help to give sizzling effect and slight cook the aromatics.

Another dish I made was sichuan tofu, inspired from Every Grain of Rice. From this recipe book, I have learnt so much that tofu can actually be very delicious and exciting.

2014-01-31 13.20.05


And … that’s part 1 of my Chinese New Year cooking.

This is filler post since the last post. I have been cooking ever since I finished my MBA and it’s quite fulfilling. Despite, I’m still under-employed.

Today’s dinner is following recipe from marcella hazan’s penne with creamy zucchini and basil sauce. In future, I should cut the zucchini slightly thicker.

Penne with Creamy Zucchini and Basil Sauce

Actually there is part 0 but the result was so horrible and inedible so it’s not counted.

The first recipe is taken from Indon website.

The ingredients:

Mixture A
250g egg yolk
120g egg white
125g castor sugar
10g emulsifier

Mixture B (mix and sift)
100g flour with medium protein content
20g susu bubuk

Mixture C (Melt)
125g Butter
5g vanilla extract

The swiss roll didn’t turn out as expected. Maybe there’s too much emulsifier or egg yolk, the swiss roll turned out to be sponge cake. I definitely have to use less egg yolk, 250g egg yolk comes from more than 12 ++ egg.

Next experiment, I will make chocolate swiss roll instead.