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It’s a pity that there aren’t many mention on the Basic Bread course from at-sunrice Global Chef Academy. Initially I had doubt whether the course would be useful or not. But after spending 4 day x 6 hours, I can truly recommend this to anyone who is interested in baking bread. The chef explained the concept in simple terms and took patience to answer silly questions from the aunties.

The only complain is that the content of the course actually covers more stuff than just basic bread. He took the basic recipe and made it as the basic building block and spiced it up to make it more interesting. So, it’s plenty of contents to digest in such a short course.

In first day, we had one hour classroom session to learn the theory of making bread. Afterwards, we proceed to make Dinner Roll which he spiced it up by putting in fillings to the dinner roll. We also prepared the dough for Baguette Viennoise for the next day. He also shared his personal traditional baguette recipe.

The second day was the most packed session. We baked the Baguette Viennoise, made Country Bread (which he spiced up with garlic butter), Challah Bread and various kinds of Rye Bread. We had overdose of bread on that day. But it’s fun to see that from normal rye bread, we can make various kinds of bread depends on the shaping and fillings lemonade, raisins and walnuts.

The third day was less packed. We only made Focaccia, English muffin, Toast Bread and whole wheat bread.

The fourth day was just assessment day where we had to make Challah bread on our own (apart from they mixed the dough for us) and a written assessment.

After the course, I knew i had to get a mixer to start Gunadi Bakery.


Singtel Hello Card is the calling card i used to call my mom.
The quality is reasonably good with occasional echo problem. But the billing for the card is just a pure con job.

Today, after I enter the phone number, it mentioned that I have 16 minutes left for the call. But I had the sign bell that the balance is finishing in after 5 minutes and the call is disconnected short after.

I know Singtel charge has first 10-minute block or so but this is still cheating custom’s money. Bleh.

Day 5: Write a letter to a loved one. Chances are high that there is someone in your life that you’d like to say something important to. Maybe it’s a wife, a parent, a grandparent you never really got to say goodbye to…take the time today to write that out. It can be positive, negative, or anywhere in between. The beauty of this letter is that you aren’t sending it in the mail, you’re simply “voicing” something that needs to be said. Should you choose to share it later, that’s okay, but you don’t have to. Doing this can be a great way to heal anger that’s been pent up inside, or to release a pressure valve of sadness we may have been harboring over something lost.

Done on another medium.

Day 4Via negativia; today, pick a habit that you’d like to eliminate from your life. Bad habits are like armpits, we all have ‘em and they all stink. Whether cutting soda out of your life, or putting a stop to your porn addiction; either way, as with yesterday, think about the steps you’ll take in order to put the kibosh on that negative habit. And again, also think about how you’ll keep yourself accountable to that goal.

I want to be less organized. I want to manage my expenses. I want to spend less time with computer or electronics. Maybe for now, I want to get rid of using too much computer. I will start by spending at least 30 minutes with books before sleeping. And my first 30 minutes without touching computers or phone (unless there’s urgent call of course).

Day 3: Decide on one positive habit you’d like to implement in your life. Whether seemingly mundane (like flossing) or perhaps life-altering (exercising every day), think of something you’d like to add to your life that will be beneficial. Then, think about the steps you’ll take to get there, and how you’ll keep yourself accountable.

It’s easy to decide on the positive habit to implement. I have a list of them kept in my mental mind. For example: wake up early in morning (as early as 5.30), meditate in morning, being more organized, etc. The tricky part is how to get there and make it accountable.

Let’s settle on waking up early in morning.

  1. I am trying to force myself to always wake up early starting at 6.30.
  2. I could be groggy throughout the day but I will persist on it so I will sleep earlier on the night to naturalize the cycle.
  3. I will persist on this habit for 30 days.
  4. I will gradually push the waking time 10 minutes earlier after 1 week.
  5. And, no coffee after lunch.

The accountability is a tough one. Probably this blog (despite how outdated it is) acts as my accountability for this new habit.

On the #1 topic, apart from those, I want to start writing this journal to give self-control on myself. By writing this journal in morning, I book-start my day. The same idea that people meditate or exercise in the morning.

Day 2: Continuing to work within that idea of constraints, try to write a 6-word memoir of your life so far. This idea is rumored to have originated from Papa Hemingway. The benefit is that with only six words, you really have to filter your life to what you deem most important. It may take you many iterations, but you’ll end up with something that speaks largely to who you are, if notin toto, then at least in this moment in time.


My 6 word memoir:

Many things to achieve. Lack Discipline.

It’s a brand new year. I am not the one who believes in new year resolution. Researches prove that new year resolutions don’t work. But, I do believe on starting and keeping good habits.

Following up from AoM link. I am starting this journaling habit.

Day 1: Start with answering the question of why you want to journal, and beyond that, why you decided to embark on this 31-day experience. Write out what you’d like to get from journaling.

The reason why I want to start a journal is to write down things on my mind. Along the way, I have few things in mind and I though it would be good to write it down. But I never did. Blame it on procrastination.

By starting a journal, I want to record these down. Not for anyone else but for myself.

Along the way, maybe my writings would improve as well.

This journaling habit also acts as kickstart to nurture and cultivate good habit by persisting and creating good habit.

I have watched many Japanese dramas and Japanese movies. I have always enjoyed most of Japanese dramas but not the movies. The dramas are always tight and compact with good pacing while the movies are more long-winded and draggy. The drama’s length is constrained by the TV slot while the movie does not have such constraints.

The time slot constraint forced the producer and director to focus on the necessary (provided there is sufficient contents). In drama, the fats are trimmed and the focus is tight. The same could not be said on the movies. Without the length’s constraint, the movie tends to be bloated and draggy. Take example the Rurouni Kenshin live-action movie with 134 minutes long. The movie is nice but it’s draggy. I fast forwarded few parts and I didn’t miss anything important. If the movie was to be shorter, it will be focused and nicely paced. I compared this with the a J-drama that I am watching, Doctor X. It’s a drama that I won’t fast-forward.

While I was showering (the time when many of great ideas are born) , it just reminded me on articles I read before that constraint is really a necessary for creativity. Studies have proven so many times but even our experience would show that it is truly the case. If we want to get creative, we need to have constraints.

I only started my MBA 3 months ago but I felt it has been ages. I haven’t felt so relax in the weekend. Weekend has been a study time for me. Either I’m reading the dreadful accounting or finishing up assignment.

It has been a very fulfilling semester. As much dreadful accounting is, I have to admit that I learnt a lot since I come from non-business background. Now, at least I am able to read and understand financial statement. Although, interpreting it is another topic altogether.

Tech & e-biz module is surprisingly very interesting. I expected that I would be bored in the class but in contrary, it’s an eye-opener. The professor lecture gave an insight on the what and why in industry.

The communication management is very useful although I feel that the value is reduced since it’s only a half-semester course. Nevertheless, it teaches the basic foundation why we need to communicate.

Time to rest and enjoy weekend now, before my 1 week recess course next week.

I am not an apple fanboy but this article is totally rubbish.

I can even refute all the reasons he mentioned without thinking much. All of his arguments are talking about the “have the potential”, “while it is unclear”, and “could be a very persuasive”. So, Apple should start worrying on something that are still potential, could be or unclear?

Each topic can be refuted deeply. But since the author is so lazy to write think, I am also too lazy to point out the stupidity. Why did bnet waste people’s time on publishing this low-standard article?