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It’s a brand new year. I am not the one who believes in new year resolution. Researches prove that new year resolutions don’t work. But, I do believe on starting and keeping good habits.

Following up from AoM link. I am starting this journaling habit.

Day 1: Start with answering the question of why you want to journal, and beyond that, why you decided to embark on this 31-day experience. Write out what you’d like to get from journaling.

The reason why I want to start a journal is to write down things on my mind. Along the way, I have few things in mind and I though it would be good to write it down. But I never did. Blame it on procrastination.

By starting a journal, I want to record these down. Not for anyone else but for myself.

Along the way, maybe my writings would improve as well.

This journaling habit also acts as kickstart to nurture and cultivate good habit by persisting and creating good habit.


This is filler post since the last post. I have been cooking ever since I finished my MBA and it’s quite fulfilling. Despite, I’m still under-employed.

Today’s dinner is following recipe from marcella hazan’s penne with creamy zucchini and basil sauce. In future, I should cut the zucchini slightly thicker.

Penne with Creamy Zucchini and Basil Sauce

I have watched many Japanese dramas and Japanese movies. I have always enjoyed most of Japanese dramas but not the movies. The dramas are always tight and compact with good pacing while the movies are more long-winded and draggy. The drama’s length is constrained by the TV slot while the movie does not have such constraints.

The time slot constraint forced the producer and director to focus on the necessary (provided there is sufficient contents). In drama, the fats are trimmed and the focus is tight. The same could not be said on the movies. Without the length’s constraint, the movie tends to be bloated and draggy. Take example the Rurouni Kenshin live-action movie with 134 minutes long. The movie is nice but it’s draggy. I fast forwarded few parts and I didn’t miss anything important. If the movie was to be shorter, it will be focused and nicely paced. I compared this with the a J-drama that I am watching, Doctor X. It’s a drama that I won’t fast-forward.

While I was showering (the time when many of great ideas are born) , it just reminded me on articles I read before that constraint is really a necessary for creativity. Studies have proven so many times but even our experience would show that it is truly the case. If we want to get creative, we need to have constraints.

Few weeks ago, I just a kindle touch and I instantly fall in love with this uni-task device. It lets me to focus just on reading and nothing else. Of course, there are some drawbacks in it but it would have to wait for later post.

Recently, I found a neat trick on how to push article news to the kindle. The use case is very similar to instapaper or read it later service. I find an article I am interested to read but I want to read it later. Previously, I saved it to instapaper and would read it later on my android phone. But now, I can do the same but push it to my kindle instead (with some wifi magic).

The steps are actually quite simple:

  1. Register your kindle so you can subscribe to Personal Document Settings in Amazon Kindle and get your kindle-email account.
  2. Add one of your email address in the Approved Personal Document E-mail List.
  3. Install chrome extension Send to Kindle.
  4. Configure the extension with your kindle-email account and the email address you enter from step 2. I used gmail so the extension can immediately tap on it.
  5. Done, well almost. Just remember after you push the webpage to your kindle, turn on your kindle wireless. Your article should arrive in less than 5 minutes.

Interestingly, I have instapaper extension instaleld in my chrome. So, actually I want to push to instapaper and instapaper push to chrome. So, I can still read the webpage via instapaper. However, instapaper push-to-kindle is actually done in regular interval. It’s just not fast enough. Since, I have decided kindle is my main reading device, bye-bye instapaper.

I only started my MBA 3 months ago but I felt it has been ages. I haven’t felt so relax in the weekend. Weekend has been a study time for me. Either I’m reading the dreadful accounting or finishing up assignment.

It has been a very fulfilling semester. As much dreadful accounting is, I have to admit that I learnt a lot since I come from non-business background. Now, at least I am able to read and understand financial statement. Although, interpreting it is another topic altogether.

Tech & e-biz module is surprisingly very interesting. I expected that I would be bored in the class but in contrary, it’s an eye-opener. The professor lecture gave an insight on the what and why in industry.

The communication management is very useful although I feel that the value is reduced since it’s only a half-semester course. Nevertheless, it teaches the basic foundation why we need to communicate.

Time to rest and enjoy weekend now, before my 1 week recess course next week.

Many articles have pointed out that there is no tablet market. There is only iPad market. There are few contenders have tried to assault iPad dominance. HP TouchPad has failed. RIM Playbook has started slashing prices. Windows tablet is still 7 tech-years away (that is 1 human calendar year). And Android is unable to make an impact in marketshare.

An TechCrunch article has summarized the issue nicely.

It was supposed to stand-up, challenge the mighty iOS and ultimately slay the champion through a power combo of multitasking and openness. But it didn’t happen mainly because consumers don’t care about that nonsense. They want apps, which Honeycomb has very few.

All the competitors are still stuck in the midset of specs. They are competing on the tablet itself. And this has been happening while Apple is competing on another battlefield. Apple is increasing their domination in the complement of iPad, the apps. By driving up the product’s complements, Apple is increasing the value of the product. And how to make the competitors understand this basic tenet.

HP tried to compete on the same battlefield and lost. When they accidentally shifted the battlefield to price (by having fire-sale), they started to increase the dominance. Unfortunately, price is a unsustainable battlefield. It would be an attrition war against one of the most cash-rich company..

Another potential competitor is actually table from amazon. Amazon kindle tablet will shift the battlefield towards markets or goods. Amazon will flex their muscle in the online market to push for dominance. If Amazon is able to push the price down, it will make their tablet is more compelling.

However, with Amazon is using the older Android build, it begs the question another question. Is there a space for Android honeycomb?

It is a difficult situation for Google. They can’t fight directly on Apple on specs. Google is providing and selling services. They don’t have online market like Amazon, no social network, no contents (they are more like aggragators), also no developer program ala Apple or Microsoft. Google advantages are in their cloud infrastructure, solid back-end and good relationshiop with advertisers.

If Google is selling heavily-subsidized phone with advertisers backing, will there anyone buy? In the end, I think Google has to start their own developer program and give incentives for developers to create Honeycomb applications.

Actually there is part 0 but the result was so horrible and inedible so it’s not counted.

The first recipe is taken from Indon website.

The ingredients:

Mixture A
250g egg yolk
120g egg white
125g castor sugar
10g emulsifier

Mixture B (mix and sift)
100g flour with medium protein content
20g susu bubuk

Mixture C (Melt)
125g Butter
5g vanilla extract

The swiss roll didn’t turn out as expected. Maybe there’s too much emulsifier or egg yolk, the swiss roll turned out to be sponge cake. I definitely have to use less egg yolk, 250g egg yolk comes from more than 12 ++ egg.

Next experiment, I will make chocolate swiss roll instead.

I am not an apple fanboy but this article is totally rubbish.

I can even refute all the reasons he mentioned without thinking much. All of his arguments are talking about the “have the potential”, “while it is unclear”, and “could be a very persuasive”. So, Apple should start worrying on something that are still potential, could be or unclear?

Each topic can be refuted deeply. But since the author is so lazy to write think, I am also too lazy to point out the stupidity. Why did bnet waste people’s time on publishing this low-standard article?

The Windows Phone 7 launch is indeed impressive. Despite the opague tagline, launching with 11 new phones is indeed impressive or is it?

If I am a customer to buy new WP7, I would need to sieve through the list of phones with all the features, prices and reviews. From a quick glance, there is no differentiating factors between all the phones. They all have 1Ghz processor, 3.5″ – 4.1″ inch screen with AMOLED, 8/16GB Space. Some have qwerty keyboard, some don’t. But there’s no deciding factors if one to choose a WP7 phone.

If you want an Android devices, there are many choices from HTC, Samsung, LG or Sony Ericsson.

But the brand that you must stay away is Sony Ericsson.

When the rest of phone manufacturers are releasing devices with Android 2.1 with Android 2.2 update is imminent, SE is still stuck.

Sony Ericsson has been playing fast and loose with its calendar yet again, as it has just announced that the hotly (and by now angrily) anticipated upgrade to Android 2.1 for its X10 family of devices won’t be happening until late October. We were given the gravest of assurances that the end of September would be the time our tragic wait would end, but nope, apparently “we need a couple of more weeks before we are ready to start the roll-out.”

Even if X10 is a good device, this lack of support is utterly dissappointing.