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I have been struggling on how to get the Unix/Linux Commands monitor/rule working in SCOM 2012 R2. The information is really scattered around.

Let’s start with few tips:

  1. Basic information is always at the Technet site: SCOM 2012: UNIX/Linux Authoring with Shell Commands.
  2. Check on the special characters. The link only mentioned ‘<‘, ‘>’, ‘&’ and quotes. Actually, you also need to escape ‘$’.
  3. Which brings to another point, first test is to run it with /bin/sh –c “<your shell command>” – where <your shell command>.
  4. And another test you want to do is NOT to create monitor/rule with the command. But create a TASK with the command. With task, it will give you the necessary error output to work on the command/script.
  5. Go through the tips in OpsMgr 2012 UNIX/Linux Authoring Templates: More Information on the Shell Command Templates. It mentioned that you need to target Computer instead of Operating System. However, I tried to target Operating System before and I think I manage to get it work (unverified).
  6. Try to create the monitor/rule using the template in the SCOM console instead of VSAE. This helps to isolate other problems.